Prescriptions + Refills:

We can fill your prescriptions and set you up for automatic refills when needed. Your prescription will be ready for collection before you run out.

Everest Whole Health Pharmacy offers delivery, a free app, online refills and transfers of your prescriptions along with very helpful, friendly and caring staff who will go the extra-mile to ensure your needs are met.

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Blister Packaging:

If you take multiple medications, we can help you organize them with our FREE blister packaging service

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Minor Ailments:

As of January 1st 2023, pharmacists are able to prescribe for 13 minor ailments. Please feel free to call

– Allergic Rhinitis

– Candidal Stomatitis (oral thrush)

– Conjunctivitis (bacterial, allergic and viral)

– Dermatitis (atopic, eczema, allergic and contact)

– Dysmenorrhea

– Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

– Hemorrhoids

– Herpes labialis (cold sore)

– Impetigo

– Insect bites and Urticaria (hives)

– Tick bites, post-exposure prophylaxis to prevent Lyme disease

– Musculoskeletal sprains and strains

– Urinary tract infections (uncomplicated)

Minor ailments are described as health conditions that can be managed with minimal treatment and/or self-care strategies.

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Covid-19 Bivalent Vaccines:

Covid-19 Vaccines are available at Everest Whole Health pharmacy. We have the new bivalent moderna vaccine and the bivalent Pfizer vaccine in stock. Anyone over the age of 18 years is eligible for the Moderna bivalent Vaccine and anyone over 12 years is eligible for the Pfizer bivalent vaccine.

To book your appointment click on the link below

Wholehealth – Booking & Refills (

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Flu Shots:

Getting the Flu shot is important, especially for the elderly and children, and even more so during the pandemic, when catching both at once can be fatal.

Health Canada and the World Health Organization recommend it. Flu Vaccines are available towards the end of October in Ontario each year.

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Travel Vaccinations/Consultation:

Get up to date, accurate information of the health and safety aspects of specific Travel destinations. By following specific guidelines, travelers can remain healthy during travel and can return home healthy.

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If you are not on PrEP and may have been exposed to HIV through unprotected sex or a contaminated needle then taking Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), ideally with 24 to 48 hours for about 28 days can prevent HIV infection. PEP is not effective if you start taking it more than 72 hours after exposure.

If it has been longer than 72 hours post exposure, get to an HIV doctor or HIV testing clinic

PrEP Pharmacy:

Everest Whole Health Pharmacy is also supportive of anyone needing to go on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). PrEP is the best defense against contracting HIV. Being on PrEP means taking a medication called Truvada, once a day, every day.

HIV Testing:

Purchase your INSTI HIV Self test kit today at Everest Whole Health Pharmacy, approved by Health Canada. Test yourself in the comfort of your home, with an easy to use, 99.5% accurate self test kit and the results are ready in 1 minute.

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Additional Services:

Medication Reviews:

Our pharmacists can do a comprehensive review of your medications, to help you understand what you are taking, why you are taking it, and let you know if there are any medications that you no longer need to take. They can identify and resolve problems and work with your physician in order to improve your health.

Brand name and Generic Drugs:

We carry a wide range of brand and generic equivalent pharmaceuticals which are covered by most health insurance plans.

Other Vaccinations:

We also administer other vaccines such as those for shingles, pneumonia, HPV and Hep A/B.

Over the Counter Drugs:

We carry a wide range of over the counter medications both for adults and children. One of our caring pharmacists will work with you to ensure that you find the product that is right for you or someone you care for.

Special Orders:

Looking for something, not carried in store, we will happily order any product our suppliers carry that we do not currently stock in our pharmacy.

Medical Supplies:

Please ask one of our staff members if you require any specific medical supplies, we will be happy to order them for you subject to availability from our suppliers.

Vitamins & Supplements:

We carry a Unique selection of Vitamins and supplements for both adults and children. However, if you require a specific brand or dosage form, we can order it in for you, subject to availability from our suppliers.

Naloxone Kits:

Naloxone is a fast-acting drug that is used to temporarily reverse the effects of opioid overdoses. Take home Naloxone kits are available at our pharmacy. A prescription is not needed. Naloxone is safe for all ages.

The Ontario Medications Return Program (OMRP):

Any unwanted or expired prescription or over the counter medications can be returned to the pharmacy for safe disposal.

The Ontario Sharps Collection Program:

This is a new stewardship program for the province of Ontario that is offered by our pharmacy that promotes safe and easy disposal of “sharps”. Sharps are devices designed to pierce the skin, examples include lancets, needles and syringes.