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Get a Flu Shot in Toronto

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Protect your health during fall and winter and get a flu shot in Toronto! Getting vaccinated against the flu is particularly important for children and the elderly, and especially so during the pandemic, when catching both at once can be fatal. When the time comes, book an appointment for your flu shot at our pharmacy! Flu shots in Toronto are available towards the end of October each year.

Don’t Delay if You Are at Risk of Severe Illness

Flu shots are recommended for most people, but young children, people over the age of 65, pregnant women, people with chronic conditions, and caregivers should put extra effort into getting their flu vaccine every year. The flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from catching and spreading the flu virus.

Get Your Flu Shot with Your COVID-19 Vaccine


Anyone over 12 can get a flu vaccine at the same time, or any time before or after, a COVID-19 vaccine. If you wish to do it all at once, Everest Whole Health Pharmacy can help you. We provide bivalent COVID-19 vaccines and flu shots in Toronto. So book a COVID and flu shot appointment and take care of it all in one go. For children under the age of 12, talk to our pharmacists for guidance regarding your children’s vaccine schedule.

Why Is Getting a Flu Vaccine Important for Everyone?


The flu can cause very serious illnesses and complications for high-risk people. But more than that, even people that are not at risk of flu complications should get vaccinated every year. The flu spreads very easily and you might not even know you have it – you can spread the flu for 24 hours before you have any symptoms. Thus, the best way to protect those you love, even if you don’t fear for yourself, is to get your annual vaccine at the start of the flu season.

Which Groups Are Most at Risk from the Flu?

As a preventative measure, everyone should get vaccinated, but the most vulnerable people are:

  • People over 65 years of age
  • Babies and children 6 months to 5 years of age
  • Pregnant women (children below 6 months of age cannot get the flu shot; getting vaccinated during pregnancy passes on the immunity)
  • People with chronic health conditions
  • People at high risk of COVID-19


Who should NOT get a flu shot?2023-03-14T13:05:00+00:00

Persons who should not get a flu vaccine are:

  • Children younger than 6 months
  • People who have previously had allergic reactions to the flu vaccine

It is also advisable to postpone getting vaccinated if you have a fever or an infection. Contact Everest Whole Health Pharmacy’s pharmacists for medical consultation if you are unsure whether you should get a flu shot right now.

What is the availability of flu shots in Toronto?2023-03-14T12:45:09+00:00

Influenza vaccines are readily available in Toronto each year starting from the middle-to-end of October. Vaccine supply for the influenza virus is typically not an issue in Canada.

How can I book a flu shot in Toronto?2023-02-23T17:45:40+00:00

There are many ways to book a flu shot in Toronto. At Everest Whole Health Pharmacy, you can book a flu shot online or call 416-649-0464 to make an influenza vaccine appointment over the phone.

Is it possible to get a flu shot at a pharmacy?2023-03-14T12:26:25+00:00

Yes, you can get a flu shot at a pharmacy. Everest Whole Health Pharmacy will have flu vaccines in stock before the flu season starts.

Can I get a flu shot without a health card?2023-03-14T12:18:27+00:00

Yes, you can get a flu shot without a valid health card. In Toronto, you only need documentation that proves that you live, work, or study in Ontario.

What should I avoid after getting a flu shot?2023-03-14T12:29:38+00:00

There are no specific restrictions on food or drink after getting the influenza vaccine. However, it is not advisable to perform activities that overly stress your body.

Should I avoid drinking after getting a flu shot?2023-03-14T12:25:33+00:00

Alcohol does not directly interact with the influenza vaccine. However, excessive drinking can mask the vaccine’s side effects and too much alcohol over prolonged periods of time can inhibit your immune system, leading to the flu shot not functioning as well as it could.

What can I do for arm pain from a flu shot?2023-03-14T12:16:08+00:00

Arm soreness is not uncommon after a shot against the flu virus. It typically goes away within a day or two. To reduce soreness, you can:

  • Apply ice to the shot area to reduce swelling and pain
  • Apply warm compression to relax the muscle
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication if necessary
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