Medication Reviews:

Our pharmacists can do a comprehensive review of your medications, to help you understand what you are taking, why you are taking it, and let you know if there are any medications that you no longer need to take. They can identify and resolve problems and work with your physician in order to improve your health.

Brand name and Generic Drugs:

We carry a wide range of brand and generic equivalent pharmaceuticals which are covered by most health insurance plans.

Other Vaccinations:

We also administer other vaccines such as those for shingles, pneumonia, HPV and Hep A/B.

Over the Counter Drugs:

We carry a wide range of over the counter medications both for adults and children. One of our caring pharmacists will work with you to ensure that you find the product that is right for you or someone you care for.

Special Orders:

Looking for something, not carried in store, we will happily order any product our suppliers carry that we do not currently stock in our pharmacy.

Medical Supplies:

Please ask one of our staff members if you require any specific medical supplies, we will be happy to order them for you subject to availability from our suppliers.